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Aisling Flower Farm 
Gordonsville VA

Leah Shiraishi

We - Leah, Kevin, Brendan, and Sophie - are proud to bring you Aisling Flower Farm. We are a family-run farm located in the heart of Keswick horse country,

nestled between Charlottesville and Gordonsville. It has always been my dream to own a small farm, allowing my kids to grow up with horses and nature. As this dream became a reality, I realized I craved the ability to turn my dream into a business venture as well. After almost 20 years working behind a desk, I craved an outlet for creativity and beauty, hence the creation of Aisling Flower Farm. 

Our goal is to provide our community with beautiful, fresh flower bouquets. We take great pride in our environmentally friendly growing practices, seeking a balance with nature

Leap Frog Flower Farm
Liz Faucher

In 2016, my (now) wife and I—tired of the frantic pace and suffocating traffic of the Washington DC area—fell in love with a farmhouse on 4 acres outside of

Earlysville VA

Charlottesville. We never intended to actually farm, but somehow the land started calling to me. I’d grown vegetables in my suburban backyard for years, but didn’t really speak “flower.” I discovered flowers are so much more fun to grow than veggies! Over the past 5 years, we’ve slowly increased the quality of our soil (the main field was used for cows for 50 years and is crisscrossed with old gravel farm roads—super fun to plant in), added a barn and 2 hoop houses, and increased our knowledge of the great variety of flowers.

Green Spring Flower Farm
Louisa, VA

Years ago I hatched a plan to become a flower grower, which fit in well with my lifelong love for the outdoors and all things floral. Fast forward to 2020 when my husband, Sam, and I moved from 

Chicagoland to a small farm outside of Charlottesville to start our flower farming adventure. Since then we've planted thousands of flowering plants and annuals using ecologically sound practices. Our aim is to grow and share the freshest flowers possible with our community, while keeping our farm safe for people and the planet. The flowers share the farm with our horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks and geese, and of course cats and dogs, too! The next project is an apiary. There's always something fun going on here!

Eleusinia Flowers
Madison VA

Eleusinia Headshot.jpg
Bonnie and Emily Collins

Bonnie and Emily Collins have loved gardens for as long as they can remember. What began as a casual desire to have a small cutting garden morphed into a far

greater project, in scale as well as in scope. Bonnie and Emily knew it was imperative that the cutting garden exist in harmony with the more wild places on the farm. And so, they committed themselves to sustainable growing practices, ones that nurture the soil and which are respectful of nature’s ways of caring for itself. As it happens, these practices improve the quality of blooms, as well. 

Spring Creek Blooms
Charlottesville VA

Raised by the Blue Ridge, Susanna has loved the land of central

Virginia her whole life, and though she’s spent time working on farms

from Ohio down to Patagonia, she’s always had an internal compass

pointing back home. She owns and operates Spring Creek Blooms, anecological flower farm west of Charlottesville, Virginia.


The mission of Spring Creek Blooms is to grow and share beautiful flowers with our human community while co-creating habitat for our other-than human community, upon which we are hopelessly and gloriously

dependent, both in body and spirit.

We believe the flowers in your vase should be as fresh as the food on your table. We aim to cultivate sustainably-grown seasonal cut flowers

for everyone, from the flower enthusiast to the professional designer.

Westwind Flowers
Orange, VA
Susanna Byrd
Stacey Chapman

Meet the Growers

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